#3 - November 2019

(Fire, Oarfish, Silk Road, Vintage Baseball)

Here’s your monthly list of the most interesting, relevant, and downright fun places on the internet.

Athletes - Paying student-athletes has been a polarizing issue for a while now, but the idea seems to be gaining traction in recent weeks.

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner - Chef David Chang has a new Netflix series. 

Carved - Beautiful wooden phone cases from a little shop in Indiana. I’ve had three of these in my life and loved them all.

DC - During the Civil War, a regiment of black Union Soldiers was designated to protect the city. The longer I live in this city, the more I come to appreciate its amazing, complicated history.

Escalator - The world’s longest outdoor escalator is shaped like a massive dragon. Of course.

Fire - A small group of photographers rushes to Southern California each year to shoot wildfires — from the inside. 

Grays - Many would have you believe the Nationals World Series victory is the first in DC since the Senators in 1924. But that’s not true. Meet the Homestead Grays, the 1948 Negro League world series champions.

Hot Ones - My love for Shia LaBeouf only grows. Front to back, this whole interview is unbelievably good. (Some language)

In Defense of Fiction - “The old—and never especially helpful—adage write what you know has morphed into something more like a threat: Stay in your lane.”  Read this insightful piece from Zadie Smith in its entirety. 

Japan - Say it with me, everyone: Four-day work week!

Kids - A piece on the importance of teaching your kids to be kind and caring, instead of pushing them to be successful.

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Man...the man is non-stop! This is a (likely incomplete) running list of all his current and upcoming projects. 

Mass Exodus - Every single writer for Deadspin quits after being told to “Stick to sports.”

Netflix - All hail the algorithm. Streaming services have changed where we get our media, but will they change how we consume it? 

Oarfish - It’s a sea monster. Nothing you say can convince me otherwise. 

Podcast - As hosts of “The Spark File Podcast” Laura and Susan go deep with some brilliant creative minds. They are also two of the most delightful people I’ve ever met.

Questlove - A hilarious retelling of his long-running beef with Patti LaBelle. 

Reforestation - Three border collies are playing a key role in the rebuilding of Chilean forests. Dogs continue to be the best.

Silk Road - Fascinating long-read about the wild rise and fall of an online criminal network. 

Time - We just changed our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. But did you know the idea may have originally been pitched as a joke...by Ben Franklin?

Ukraine - Having a hard time keeping up with all the details of the Trump/Ukraine mess? Me too. Here’s a helpful timeline with names, dates, and explanations.

Vintage Baseball - The Vintage Base Ball Association (VBBA) is a nationwide league that plays baseball “as it was” by following rules from 1858.

Wendig - Chuck Wendig is an author with one of my favorite blogs in all the land. Funny, a bit vulgar, and full of writing advice. Worth a read. 

X- See entries for the 2020 world photography awards.

Yikes - A month ago, WeWork had a public valuation of $47 billion. Then they were acquired for…$8 billion. What happened?

Zuppa Toscana -  I’m not a big “food blog guy” but my wife and I followed this recipe to make the classic Olive Garden soup in our instant pot, and it was delicious.

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P.S. Go Nats!

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